AnKobot Releases Latest Innovation in AI Products at CES

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Having established itself as one of the leading companies in machine vision and AI, after releasing its visual position system for home AI Robots in October 2017, AnKobot is now ready to display its new AI technologies, which can connect with millions of home devices such as their home cameras. Until now, AnKobot announced that it had accumulated nearly 30 Million USD funding.

“We build Eyes and Brain for Smart Devices by Neuroscience, Different from DeepMind in Gaming, we are dedicated to bring AI with hardware or robotics into daily life; Together with our strategic Global Investors (Fosun International and Hi-P International) and global partners, we are ready to create happier life for families worldwide” said AnKobot’s CEO, Robert Li. 

As one of the AI industry leaders, AnKobot believes that continued innovation is the key to stay ahead of the competition and AnKobot’s global R&D team from Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley and Israel work with full force not only to develop new innovative technology but also shorten industrializing the technology into real product to benefit millions of families;

 “It is called competitive advantages of globalization, it is amazing and exciting to bring technology into real life. More and more Global Technology leaders like Aviad Maizels(founder of PrimeSense acquired by Apple) join in our advisory board and help us a lot. Welcome more talent to join us to start a great journey to the future” said Robert. As such, the company will be launching more AI powered smart products soon.

Key features of home AI camera:

More intelligent technology - Ankobot’s next-generation visual solution uses more advanced AI technologies, which enables the home camera to better detect objects, making it smarter with 17 times less false alarms than the market average.

IoT – AnKobot’s low latency IoT solution allows users to experience quick connectivity on multiple devices with real-time synchronization and large storage space.

Low cost– AnKobot’s optimization algorithms offer uses a better user experience while keeping the cost low

AI Cloud Service –AnKobot’s AI Cloud has already Empowered millions of Smart Device and be open to the third-party makers of Smart Device to lift Smart Home into a new era that we never experienced.

Key features of home AI robot:

Low cost – AnKobot’s next generation visual SLAM solution, which includes visual navigation, localization and real-time mapping is almost 50% cheaper than using laser SLAM; Just like Human Eye, It is “Robot Eye” to make Machine more intelligent;

Faster, more thorough cleaning – Equipped with AnKobot’s advanced visual solution, the vacuum can plan the optimal path to make cleaning faster. Its cleaning coverage is nearly 30% higher than traditional robotic vacuum cleaners in the market. 

Home automation – AnKobot’s new robotic vacuum cleaners compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. 

To meet and discuss any potential cooperation with representatives of AnKobot, visit us at:

Date: January 8-11th

Booth No. 43054, Halls A-D, Level 2, Sands Expo, Las Vegas. 

Email: bd@ankobot.com

About AnKobot:

AnKobot (former SanKobot) was founded in early 2016 by some of the most successful professionals in the field of artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics and neuroscience. In 2017, the AnKobot team won 2nd place in the Kaggle Object Recognition Competition against 625 other teams. In 2018, the AnKobot team went on to win first prize at the TensorFlow Speech Recognition Challenge among 1315 teams from around the world.

Unlike other feature-based visual SLAM techniques, AnKobot's visual SLAM solution combines a variety of visual cues including lines, planes and deep-learning based semantic features. The solution gives robust performance in a wide range of indoor environments, including those with low textures, very low or very strong light, as well as fast changing light conditions. 

AnKobot launched its visual SLAM into the market of consumer-grade robots 2 years ago. It lately achieved commercial large-scale production of this technology. Ankobot’s visual SLAM module has been used in many types of robotic vacuum cleaner since then.  

AnKobot has more than 100 employees in global. The company is well backed by Fosun international and Hi-P International.

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